Canon Laser Printer: How to Choose Model

Canon Laser Printer: How to Choose Model

A laser printer is a one-time investment with long life and low maintenance cost. This is not a model for which you have to buy a cartridge almost every month – here are different types of printers and their differences. Let’s figure out what a home laser printer should be, which one to choose and what needs to be considered. Let’s go through the characteristics of such devices, and also, as usual, give a small selection of popular models in 2019.

Main characteristics

It makes little sense to buy a monochrome printer for your home. It is more likely to be in the office, where the main printing documents. At home, you will want to print photos, beautiful pictures from the Internet, prints on thermal transfer paper.

The printer will have to be refueled in four different colors (including black, of course). You will not have to do this so often – this is the main advantage that the use of a laser-type device gives. So it will not be superfluous to clarify how much the original consumable costs and whether there is a compatible one.

Translated into human language, how many pages can be printed before the printer has to be refilled. A good home laser will print between 1,200 and 2,000 pages before refilling. The yields of black and color toner may vary; this is also worth considering.

For home, print speed is not as important as the size of paper you can use. As a rule, home “lasers” support A4 or A3 sizes. Check what can be printed on: cards, labels, glossy paper, transparencies, envelopes, matte paper, thermal transfer paper, and so on. This is usually indicated in the characteristics.


A modern printer can receive documents for printing through different channels – wired and wireless. It can be either USB or Ethernet or Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC. When considering which laser printer is better to buy for home use, then ideally it should support wireless interfaces. After all, you may suddenly want to print a photo from a smartphone or tablet, for example – “over the air” is much faster.

Canon I-SENSYS LBP613Cdw

Finally, let’s add a fairly popular Canon model. There is everything here – both duplex printing in 4 colors, and standard format and size of the print (210 × 297 mm and 216 × 356 mm, respectively). The printer can handle cards, labels, glossy paper, envelopes, and matte paper. In a word, the whole “gentleman’s set”.

The resource of the cartridge is like that of HP – 1300 and 1400 sheets for color and black and white printing, respectively. It makes no sense to buy original consumables – it will be more expensive than a new printer. However, compatible refillable cartridges can be used, which significantly reduces the cost of ownership.

Supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11n, USB 2.0, Direct Print, and Air Print. Users have complained about problems with printing in OS X, but the new version of the driver has fixed the problems.

Also, the printer does not work very well with thick paper weighing more than 180 grams, so you cannot print especially large cards on it. But for its price – quite a solid device for the home.

The Most Popular Ways How to Hack a Facebook Account - Post Thumbnail

The Most Popular Ways How to Hack a Facebook Account

Communication between people has almost completely moved to the online format. Social media has become a part of modern life. They can unite people living in different parts of the world and speaking different languages.

One of the most popular social networks is Facebook, the number of users of which has long exceeded 2 billion people. About 1.5 billion people visit Facebook every day. Therefore, Facebook is especially attractive to attackers, as evidenced by recurring incidents.

Accessing your account by resetting your password

The easiest way to log into your Facebook account without a password is by resetting your password. To do this, the attacker needs the email used for authorization and additional information about the account owner. Being honest with new casual acquaintances puts your online resources at risk. Attackers can also use automated intelligence applications to obtain information about you.

With this method, before hacking Facebook, the attacker gains access to your e-mail specified in your profile. Then on the Facebook login page will appear the Forgot account link.

Retrieving credentials using keylogger

With this method, you do not need to hack anything – the keylogger will provide the attacker with all the data for logging into the Facebook account.

There are software and hardware keyloggers. Keylogger is an application that reads keystrokes. Such an application is launched on the victim’s computer; the collected information is most often sent to the attacker via the Internet.

Hardware keyloggers are a USB device, external media, or keyboard adapter that plugs into an unsuspecting user’s computer. An example of a hardware keylogger is shown in the photo. All collected information is recorded on this device or sent to an attacker.

Thus, to launch a software keylogger, it is enough to get into the user’s trust and force him to launch the application. When using a hardware keylogger, direct contact with the user or his computer is required. You can give the victim a hardware keylogger under a plausible pretext, or you can gain access to the computer and insert it into the computer yourself.

Getting user credentials by phishing

Phishing is a type of Internet scam. Phishers use spam, malicious sites, email messages, and SMS to steal confidential user information: logins and passwords, bank card details, etc.

The most popular type of phishing is creating a fake login page. In this case, the user is sent a link to this page with text encouraging to use this link. For example, a message about the blocking of an account or a request to vote for a friend, etc. Scammers are very good psychologists. When clicking on the link, the user sees the page that is no different from the original and enters his username and password into the form. In this case, user data is in the hands of attackers.

Analyzing traffic through a fake Wi-Fi network

By using public Wi-Fi networks, you run the risk of connecting to a fake Wi-Fi network designed to steal accounts. The name of such a network can be the same or similar to the name of a trusted network that you often use. After all, intruders are watching you. After connecting to the fake network, the attacker analyzes the traffic and obtains all the information he needs to log into your Facebook account.

How to Close Exit and Uninstall Avast for Several Hours

How to Close Exit and Uninstall Avast for Several Hours

No matter how good the Avast Free Antivirus antivirus is, but from time to time you will wonder how to disable Avast antivirus for a while. Or it can be useful to disable one of its components. This usually becomes necessary when installing some programs or in case Avast blocks your favorite website or application. Or maybe you just downloaded the game from the torrent and Avast does not let you install it? So, in this article, we will tell you how to close exit and uninstall Avast for some time.

How to Disable Avast Antivirus for a While

We decided that it would be correct to describe in a nutshell the process of disabling an Avast protection. And below we will describe each of the options in detail. This algorithm is applicable to all Avast antivirus products (Free Antivirus, Internet Security, and so on). So, for this, you need to do the following:

  • Right-click on the orange Avast icon in the Windows system tray (next to the time).
  • Select “Manage Avast screens” and choose the time for which you want to disable the antivirus.
  • Confirm the action by clicking “YES” in the pop-up window.

If this brief instruction did not answer the question of how to disable the avast during the installation of the program, then proceed to the expanded note with detailed descriptions.

How to Temporarily Disable Avast Antivirus

Disabling all protection means that you completely disable Avast’s active protection. Therefore, make sure that you understand why this is needed and understand all the consequences. For example, if you are asked to disable the protection on the website that promises that you would win a million, then we advise you to think one more time. So, do the following steps:

Find the orange Avast antivirus icon in the Windows taskbar. In some versions of Windows, it may be hidden, so click the arrow if you do not see it. Right-click and select the required option from the Manage Avast Screens menu. If you choose Disable Permanently, Avast will not work until you force it to run.

It doesn’t matter which option you choose, Avast will ask you for confirmation where you need to agree by clicking “YES.” And all antivirus components will be disabled for the period of time that you have chosen.

Then check if you have disabled the AVAST antivirus. To do this, go to the program menu and in the “Status” category you will see the message “All antivirus screens are turned off.”

Do not forget to turn the antivirus back on later by simply clicking on the green button in the program status.


To write this post, we used Avast Free Antivirus. But this applies to any other type of antivirus. The question of how to disable Avast antivirus is solved in the same way everywhere. Do not forget that disabling any of the antivirus components puts your data on your computer at risk.

How to Use hack for Points and Boost

How to Use hack for Points and Boost

Any game has its atmosphere, meaning, and gameplay, but more often than not, to fully taste it, you need to swing long and hard. It is to avoid such a fate and discover all the available opportunities, the hack is simply a necessity and will allow you to get into the top players in a record short period. In other words, the use of such a cheat provides a kind of “loophole” in the basic principle of gameplay.

The game itself is a kind of clone of the well-known were, moving around the map with other players, you need to kill them, grow, develop, and not let yourself be killed. Nevertheless, in this game, everything is somewhat more complicated and the usual movement with increasing mass has been replaced by a real pumping with the real development of your “Tank” into a deadly weapon. For this, a classic list of parameters is proposed, starting with damage power and ending with speed, and by getting a new level, the player can develop his tank at his discretion. That is why the hacked is really of great value because it is in this game that a rather subtle pumping system is implemented. The essence of the game is to become as strong, faster, and more dangerous as possible. To achieve recognition, you need to take the corresponding first place at the top of the best players, and if the player was able to achieve such a result, keep him as long as possible.

What exactly does the player get by using the cheat

Before hacking, you need to understand that all cheats are aimed at pumping. The player will not immediately go to the first place in the rating, he will still have to be earned, but due to hacking and his tactics, he will be pumped much faster. Cheat for affects exactly the gain of experience points and level, which accordingly increases the power of the tank, its speed, skills, type of bullets, life, and all other characteristics. Since the genre of the game implies the hunt for other players and the regular death of your tank, the issue of pumping is really important and in order not to start everything completely from scratch hiding on the edges of the map (as recommended by the tips for passing). The cheat immediately gives a certain level of development. Now all even the most important secrets of the game will become fully accessible on your Android or IOS device because you don’t have to waste time getting at least basic skills for survival, pumping skills to the maximum from the first steps.

Hacking is carried out using these Cheats:

  • Life Code – “25e-ab2a1b2652”
  • Speed Code – “b45-54fafea33b”
  • Damage Code – “cf7-811ec496ac”

The essence and the goal of the game itself are completely simple and of course, it is clear what needs to be done here, you will immediately understand as soon as you start the game process. You can use promo codes for this game and not worry about being banned since they are not prohibited in any way.

Malwarebytes vs Avast - Which One Is Better?

Malwarebytes vs Avast – Which One Is Better?

Every computer user has heard about the existence of antivirus programs that must fight against harmful viruses on the computer and dangerous software. And at the same time, not everyone uses good antiviruses. Some ignore this problem at all, while others install a simple free antivirus, which also does not give one hundred percent security guarantees.

For example, the free version of Avast can detect the most common types of computer viruses, but it cannot provide complete protection. Do not think that if you have free Avast installed, then viruses on your computer or laptop are no longer scary.

Practice proves exactly the opposite. And there are a lot of examples when computers with working and updated Avast were attacked and harmed by viruses. In order to get at least some kind of security guarantee when working on the Internet, free antivirus is not enough! It is advisable that at least two different antivirus programs scan your computer. Or you can choose one high-quality product. Therefore, in this Malwarebytes vs Avast article, we will compare these two programs.

What you Should Know about Avast

Despite the disadvantages of Avast, it is still able to automatically update if you have an Internet connection. And you do not need to pay money for it (for the free version). So we would recommend paying attention to this program if you are a simple internet user.

Most of the processes in Avast are automated, and you don’t have to pay attention to it too often. The only condition is that to activate a free license, you need to go through a simple registration, which the program will immediately offer.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Talking about the second serious antivirus, which will scan both your Internet visits and launched programs, we highly recommend taking the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program. In fact, this is the anti-spyware software that can prevent most of the possible problems.

And in most cases, you need to pay money for the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program. But the software is worth every penny! Malwarebytes Anti-Malware reliably protects your computer from any possible malicious influences. To put it short, it can do the following:

  • It will not allow you to visit sites with dangerous content.
  • It blocks transitions from the browser to malicious and suspicious resources.
  • It prohibits downloading and launching dangerous programs and applications.
  • It will scan your computer for viruses and offer to eliminate the infected files.
  • It will work online, protecting your safety.

Among the disadvantages of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, only frequent notifications can be noted. But they can be easily disabled if you go to settings. And such features as automatic blocking of bad programs and sites can also be turned off if needed. But if you are not familiar with all these computer matters, we advise you not to change these settings in the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program. And also, do not disable online protection screens. And even if you do not buy a license and cannot find the keys on the Internet, you can periodically scan your PC for viruses and malware, while the first antivirus, Avast, will be busy checking everything online.

Samsung Galaxy S20: Preview - Post Thumbnail

Samsung Galaxy S20: Preview

Well, it’s time for new Samsung smartphones to launch. In 2020, the company launched the new lineup called S20. It has three smartphones called Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. Today, however, we’ll focus mainly on the S20 model. Let’s find out more about the newly arrived smartphone and its features.

General information about the release date and pricing policy

The new phone will officially come out at the beginning of March 2020 (in the USA) and later that month in other regions. If you believe it’ll be a budget-friendly model, you are wrong. The price starts at $999 for the 5G model. 4G variants will be more affordable. Keep in mind that S20 Plus and S20 Ultra will be even more expensive.

The main advantages of Samsung S20:

  • Impressive camera specs;
  • 3x optical zoom;
  • Great and large screen;
  • 5G connectivity.

The disadvantages you’ll see:

  • There are more powerful smartphones in this lineup;
  • Top screen refresh rate and highest resolution can’t be used at the same time;
  • High price tag.

Now let’s go over the details everyone’s excited about.

Looking at the design peculiarities, it’s obvious that the smartphone got thinner but taller. Its ratio is 20:9 for the 6.1-inch screen. Compared to other models in this line up that have 6.7 and 6.9-inch screens, this one looks very compact. The smartphone is lightweight and can fit in one hand. However, some people are likely to find it difficult to navigate it with one hand only. The mirror finish and a selection of colors (Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, Cloud Pink) make it look very appealing. Although users who wear protective cases won’t notice that.

The impressive smartphone camera has already become the company’s main attraction. This smartphone is no exception. The model comes with three lenses: 12MP ultra-wide, 12MP wide-angle, and 64MP telephoto one. Other models in this lineup have even more impressive camera specs. For example, S20 Ultra ended up with the 108MP telephoto camera. This year, the camera also got the Single Take feature that uses AI to capture the best photos.

The phones also got the brand-new chipsets, more RAM, and some other minor improvements.

Other specs:

  • The model has Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O display;
  • Display’s resolution is 3200*1440 pixels;
  • This smartphone doesn’t have the headphone jack. Users will have to pick between wireless earbuds and USB-C ones.
  • New Music Share feature to help connect the smartphone to Bluetooth speakers, car stereos, etc.
  • The battery is 4000mAh and can be charged wirelessly.
  • Using a microSD card, a user can expand the internal storage to 1TB.

The verdict

Based on what we know so far this is going to be a very good phone. Compared to the previous models, this one has more advanced features and extremely powerful cameras.

The new smartphone brings some minor improvements as well as some huge changes. Take, for example, the lack of headphone jack. It’s still early to say about the performance, so stay tuned for more updates.

How to Move from Windows 7 to Windows 10? - Post Thumbnail

How to Move from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

If you have a licensed Windows 7, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge. While the official site removed the special offer long ago, it’s still technically possible. The only thing you must do is meet the minimum requirements for the new operating system. Let’s go over a simple and understandable way to switch from Windows 7 to the 10th version.

Before you start

The most important fact to remember is that this upgrade will remove all your settings and apps. If you want to keep your files and documents safe, it’s batter to back up your files and keep them on an external drive. You should also take a look at the apps you use to remember which ones to install again.

How to switch to Windows 10?

There are three simple steps you need to follow.

First of all, after you make backup files, you should open the official Microsoft site. Find the Windows 10 page. It contains the section called Create Windows 10 installation media. That’s where you download the tool by clicking on the Download Tool Now button.

Run the app and pick Upgrade this PC now when you see this option. On the other hand, you can also pick to create installation media with the help of your flash drive.

Be attentive and follow the instruction. When you’re asked whether you wish to keep the personal files or start fresh, you need to make a choice.

What happens next?

Once the process is over, you’ll be upgraded to Windows 10. You can find the digital license in your Settings. Just pick the section Update & Security and find the Activation page.


As you see, it’s very easy to move to Windows 10 from your old 7th version. As long as you have enough space and power, the desktop will easily handle the transition.

Keep in mind, that some old computers won’t meet the minimum requirements. They’ll have to stay with Windows 7. The end of support doesn’t mean it won’t work. It implies there won’t be any fresh updates anymore. Ignore the pop-up window and keep using your old operating system.

Alternative scenario

Some users fail to upgrade using the method described above. In this case, your only way to get upgraded is to buy the new Windows 10 license and install it.

You might also end up buying a new desktop, too. If yours is completely outdated, it might be time to upgrade hardware, too.


Now you now a simple way to upgrade your Windows 7 to the 10th version. It’s only a three-step process. However, it requires preparation. A user has to back up files and make sure there is nothing important left out. The rest of the process is simple as long as a user follows the instruction.

In case this method doesn’t work, there are several other options discussed here as well. They aren’t very complicated but will make you spend more money for sure.